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Pets Gone Wild? IKEA’s Purrfectly Chaotic Campaign Wins Online

Author: Sandhya Menon

New Ikea shows its products destroyed by pets

IKEA, the furniture giant known for its flat-pack prowess and Swedish meatballs, has taken a bold step in their latest marketing campaign. Instead of showcasing pristine furniture in picture-perfect homes, they’re featuring their products…well, shattered by pets.

This seemingly risky strategy is quickly becoming a social media darling, and for good reason. Here’s why this campaign is a win for IKEA (and a potential case study for your next client):

Embrace the Messy Reality (and Boost Engagement) with Pawsome Humor:

Let’s be honest, our furry companions rarely live out of a home design magazine. Chewed cushions, scratched sofas, and the occasional broken lamp are all badges of honour (or destruction) for pet owners. This campaign acknowledges this reality with humour, creating a relatable and engaging experience for their target audience. Instead of the usual aspirational marketing, IKEA connects with viewers on an emotional level, sparking conversations and online shares.

Highlight Affordability with a Subtle Wink:

The true genius of this campaign lies in its underlying message: even if your pet goes wild on your IKEA furniture, it’s not a financial catastrophe. IKEA’s reputation for affordable and easily replaceable furniture is subtly reinforced here. Pet owners who might shy away from certain furniture choices due to potential damage can breathe a sigh of relief. The campaign cleverly positions IKEA as a budget-friendly option for pet-filled homes.

Riding the Pet Care Wave (and Targeting the Right Audience):

As the LBB highlights, the pet care industry is booming. IKEA is tapping into this lucrative market by acknowledging the importance of pet-friendly furniture. This aligns perfectly with their recent announcement of a new pet product collection, as mentioned in DesignRush. By targeting pet owners, IKEA leverages a specific audience segment with high purchase potential.

The Power of Social Media Buzz:

The “shattered furniture” campaign is already generating a lot of buzz online. People are intrigued by the unexpected approach and find it refreshingly honest. This social media frenzy translates to free advertising for IKEA, further amplifying the campaign’s reach.

Ikea's Pet-Friendly Ad Campaign Offers Affordable Solutions

Conclusion: A Campaign Worth Studying

IKEA’s latest ad campaign is a masterclass in digital and social media marketing. By embracing the realities of pet ownership, highlighting affordability, and capitalising on a growing trend, they’ve created a campaign that is both memorable and effective. So next time your client is looking for a way to stand out, consider the power of a little humour and a whole lot of relatable marketing.



Sandhya Menon brings a decade of marketing experience to the table. As a Social Media Growth Consultant and Personal Branding Strategist, she empowers businesses and individuals to thrive online. Currently leading marketing and strategy at Owlspire Creative Agency & Owlicious Food Marketing, Sandhya’s passion for learning keeps her on top of industry trends.

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