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Discover How This Kerala-Based Home Baker Turns Simple Treats into Sweet Success!

Kerala home baker Mangala Unnikrishnan is proving age is just a number! CakePopShop Kochi offers fresh cream cakes, seasonal fruit cakes, tea cakes, eggless desserts, brownies, cookies & more. #mompreneur #Keralafood #supportlocal

Pets Gone Wild? IKEA’s Purrfectly Chaotic Campaign Wins Online

Pets Gone Wild? IKEA’s Purrfectly Chaotic Campaign Wins Online!
Ever feel like your home looks more like a warzone after your furry friend has had their way with the furniture? IKEA gets it. In a refreshing twist on their usual marketing, IKEA’s latest campaign features their furniture…well, let’s just say not in pristine condition. But instead of shying away from the messy reality of pet ownership, IKEA embraces it with humor. This bold approach is generating major buzz online, and here’s why it’s a win for IKEA (and a potential inspiration for your next marketing campaign).