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7 Steps to Write Social Media Content Like a Rockstar

Every social media post you write reflects your brand. Sloppy content will make your brand look sloppy. That’s why you need to write thoughtfully, be concise and engaging at the same time. There is a fine line between being sloppy and being meticulous. Here are seven tips for writing effective social media content.

Put Audience First

You must talk to them on social media like you are talking to a friend. How? Say ‘you’ more and write stories by placing the audience at the center of your story.

Be Clear and Concise

People skim on social media. So, try limiting your writing to just one or two sentences if possible because short sentences work best.

Instead of saying, “Here is our latest blog about a very awesome topic you’ll enjoy,” you can say, “Here’s our latest blog post post about .”

Did you see that? The second sentence says the same thing more specifically with fewer words. It also sounds better as a result.

Learn Active Vs Passive

The active voice talks about an action you are taking, and it produces an engaging copy. We must try to use active voice in most of our business writing for effective communication. It sounds conversational because readers are more familiar with active than passive.

Instead of saying, “An engaging copy will be written by me,” which is written in a passive voice, say, “I will write an engaging copy,” which is written in an active voice and sounds better. The passive voice sentence lacks action and sounds factual, while the active voice is action-driven.

Homework for you – Write five sentences in the active voice and post them in the comments.

Write What People Want to Share

Here are the reasons people share content

  • To deliver value – People share content they find valuable, helpful, entertaining and anything they think needs attention. Create content or a how-to copy that conveys a benefit. This holds good for both messages with and without accompanying links.
  • To express and define themselves – Some people share content that reinforces their identity. People share content about construction equipment because they may want their audience to see them as tough and hardworking. Those who share content about trekking and outdoor equipment may wish to tell others that they are adventurous and outdoorsy.
  • To feel connected to others – People want to share content to feel connected with other individuals or organizations to have meaningful conversations.
  • To make themselves feel valued – They share content to get likes, shares, and comments, preferably positive.
  • To support causes and express beliefs – People share on social media to stand by an opinion, support a cause or show love if they feel it is appropriate.
Invoke Curiosity

Write in such a way that makes people feel they want to know more. When writing the description to a link that you are sharing, try not to give the complete information. You can leave some details unanswered and imply that your article will have further details.

“Move Over, Great Emu War: Hummingbirds Single Winged-ly Halt Controversial Construction Project” doesn’t give the complete information. What is the ‘Great Emu War?’ What is the controversial construction project?

Match Your Copy with Your Visual Content

Your copy and image content must together tell the same story. Even if you cannot match them, you must creatively connect the two..

Match the Message Between Your Posts and Destination Pages

What happens when you reach a wrong destination after clicking on a link? You feel like throwing the piece of the tiramisu in your hand at the ceiling. We can use clickbaits effectively to arouse intrigue and without being spammy as long as the destination page matches the description’s intent.

Few content sharing tips we want to give you are:

  • Link only relevant and substantial content.
  • Make sure your post copy and the creative are relevant to the destination page’s message.
  • Double-check the accuracy of the link.

So there it is! The tips for writing effective social media content. We must bring to your attention that 2021 is filled with brands and professionals competing on social media clamouring for attention. Those who write compelling content have the edge.

We can help you in creating compelling and effective content for your brand. Owlspire provides content marketing services tailored to your marketing needs. Get in touch with us.

25 Post Ideas To Jazz Up Your Social Media Feed

Author: Rwithu Menon

Consistency is paramount when managing social media accounts. It’s essential to show up regularly, whether it is daily, twice or thrice a week or 5 days a week, and make your presence known. At some point, though, you can feel blocked and not know what to post anymore! That’s when this list will come handy.

Here are 25 useful post ideas that you can use to create content for social media and keep your handles active throughout the month.

1. Introduce yourself

If you haven’t done it already, right now is the best time! Talk about your brand—your vision, your goals, how the brand came about and how it is going. The more your audience knows about the brand, the more connected they feel with your content.

2. Provide tips and tricks

People will appreciate any useful information you provide. Give the audience tidbits, helpful tips or references to learn more about a specific topic. Additionally, encourage them to share your posts and even save these tips for later.

3. Share quotes or interesting statistics

Feel free to include a related story, thought, or advice in the caption.

4. Base posts on topical content 

Always keep an eye on what’s happening in your country or the world. Connect with your audience by providing content related to topics they care about.

5. Share news related to your industry 

Let others know about the latest developments in your field to help them stay informed. 

6. Make it interactive

You can boost audience participation by encouraging comments, sharing, or tagging friends. Bring in questions/puzzles/teasers to keep the audience’s interest. 

7. Conduct contests

Announce contests regularly, especially around festivals and holidays with gifts for the winner. This is a great way to promote your brand and give away your products.

8. Celebrate milestones by offering freebies/offers

Involve your audience in celebrating your hard-earned success.

9. Give away promo codes or special offers

Your dedicated social media community deserves special treatment! Consider making free consultations or product discounts available for a specific period of time to encourage timely action.

10. Talk about your achievements and goals

It’s a good idea to reflect on your journey so far and share it with others.

11. Take them behind the scenes

Introduce your teammates, have them see where you work, show them your work routine and more!

12. Showcase client testimonials

Build trust by sharing positive reviews of satisfied customers.

13. Show off your best works

Display your best works to the world and let them know what you are capable of!

14. Publish weekly video content

Share quick how-to’s, behind-the-scenes, etc. with short videos to let your audience follow along with you.

15. Go Live to meet your audience

Showing your face is one of the best ways to make a deeper connection and engage in real time with your audience.

16. Take action on trending memes

Share your personal take on the latest memes that the internet is raving about!

17. Take a trip down memory lane

Make use of Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday to remember happy times!

18. Provide a sneak peek into future work or new products

Tell your audience a little about what you are working on, in order to get them excited about it.

19. Promote your other social media accounts

Let people know your other handles to stay well connected.

20. Repost customer content

Build credibility by showing real life examples of how customers use your products or services.

21. Start a theme with special hashtags

Try friday quizzes, monday motivation quotes, or other similar themes to build a routine every week.

22. Share a life routine

Make it personal by sharing tidbits about your daily life. Discuss what you have planned for the weekend, what goals you have set for the week or perhaps even a to-do list you plan to complete in the coming weeks.

23. Answer an FAQ

Every other week, choose one of the most commonly asked questions and answer it.

24. Promote your product/service

Use social media to promote your products or services regularly. Don’t be afraid to do it!

25. Ask for recommendations or advice

Keep it light by getting the audience’s help on something you’re struggling with, be it movie recommendations, places to visit or something more serious.

Keep track of the social media content for each month by creating a monthly spreadsheet. Are you ready to tackle your content calendar for next month with all these content ideas for social media

Visit to learn how we do content creation for social media, come up with social media strategies for businesses, manage social media handles on behalf of all of our clients and more. Give us a hoot for any enquiries!

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