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Why We Are A Remote Team

Author: Sandhya Menon

Owlspire is made of a dedicated Parliament of Owls spanning across several states in India and USA. Throughout our journey, we have had clients from India, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, UAE and USA.

Therefore, believe me, we have the first-hand experience in managing the good, bad and ugly sides of a remote team.

Our Story

The journey of Owlspire started from a co-working space in the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru, to connect, inspire and empower ambitious people and businesses to achieve their digital marketing and advertising objectives in 2016. We envision a world where people enjoy meaningful experiences with the brands and organizations they trust. We wanted to build our company the way we always wanted to work at. With all the good experience we gained at our former jobs, we started to build our agency. The objective was to create a global digital marketing and advertising hub for entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses and large enterprises to win against all odds.

Why We Remote

Back in 2017, we were at a crossroads deciding which direction to go. Owlspire grew into a team with most of our members living in different cities in India and abroad. So, we knew our office had to be in the clouds. Plus, the nightmarish peak-hour journey to office, meetings and back home was such immense waste of time and effort in Bengaluru. Of course, we were concerned about our team’s productivity. Will people sneak off to the mall when they’re supposed to be working on a project? Some people might, but we stopped hiring those people. Our hiring process is rigorous because we find people who work hard, who are proud of what they do, and who don’t need to be micromanaged. Our team enjoys flexible work timings and is free to head to a mid-day fitness class, but we ensure that they can hit their deadlines and make their meetings. Also, we’re lucky enough to live in an era of human history that allows us to communicate and collaborate from the ends of the earth. We keep testing and take full advantage of multiple online management tools that help us work together more efficiently. Retention of the talent was another advantage we experienced when we started to remote. Allowing our team to work from their comfort zones helped us not only broaden our hiring pool across the globe but also let us keep the best people we have, even when their life circumstances changed. Choosing to stay 100% remote isn’t the right choice for everyone. But, for us, it was one of the best decisions ever.

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